A leading IT services provider

Since 2003, Resitek’s mission has been to provide tech support and IT solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.

Over the years, our expertise and client base have grown making us leaders in the IT support, managed services, software and troubleshooting industry. We love a challenge and treat each client as if they were our first.

Our goal is to put you back in control of the digital world

Let our IT expertise change the way you do business

Our team of expert consultants have worked on thousands of IT projects in and around Montreal. From the complete management of multi-city companies to ultra-reliable virtual cloud servers, they are always out in the field acquiring knowledge and new skills so they can serve you better.

Our consultants are always up to date on the latest innovations, so you can be too. After all, technology is in our DNA. However, we make sure to keep the tech jargon to a minimum so you can make a more informed decision.

Free consultation

Not sure where to start? Let’s meet at your office and chat. No strings attached.

Managed services

We manage and monitor your systems remotely, fix issues under the hood without disturbing you, and always keep things running smoothly.

Managed anti-virus

What if your IT business partner could inform you of a system virus before you even knew about it? This is where things get interesting…

Cloud services

Get your business in the cloud to open possibilities that you never imagined!

Virtual Servers

Get virtualized and enjoy the incredible benefits this technology has to offer! Plus, eliminate downtime, expensive upgrades, or server replacements!

Office 365

Email, contacts, calendar, and tasks synced with all your devices and SharePoint/OneDrive to easily access your files anywhere!


Show us your setup

Show us your office. Show us what you do. Tell us what you feel is working well and what isn’t. We will have some questions as well.

The game plan

We take that info back to our office and come up with a game plan. Since we hate when clients spend money needlessly, we will prioritize based on your needs and budget.


Let us know what works for you and what doesn’t. We won’t stop until your setup is perfect.
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Build a smarter business today!

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