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What are the benefits of managed IT services?

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benefits of managed it services

When it comes to IT, some companies are large enough to have a range of professionals at their disposal to get the job, or jobs (there are many!) done. However, most small or medium-sized companies have more crucial work to focus their efforts on.

So rather than learning how to manage your entire IT infrastructure yourself, having a third-party IT provider to do it may be an interesting proposition. Let’s have a look in further detail into the benefits of outsourcing IT through managed services, and how it could become a viable solution for your company.

What are managed IT services?

A brief definition of managed IT services would be as follows:

  • They monitor data systems constantly in order to prevent failures and loss of data. IT service providers can keep a close eye on what is going on and whatever issues arise instantly. The outsourcing of maintenance to experts provides numerous advantages that we’ll see further down.

Managed IT services can be opposed to so-called “break-fix” services, which have been the mainstay of IT services up until quite recently. A company calls on their “IT guy” whenever their in-house system or server would experience a bug. This is a classic example of a reactive service, which comes with expensive downtime and high repair costs.

Conversely, a managed services provider is proactive. This is achieved by monitoring your systems and taking immediate steps when required by resolving issues before they turn into an actual problem which in turn minimizes downtime.

What are the costs of managed IT services?

The cost break-down of outsourcing these types of services could be categorized in 3 ways:

  • Initial investment
  • Periodical expenses
  • Scalability

1. Initial investment and infrastructure expenses

As a managed IT provider takes on your technology systems, you can significantly reduce the size of your on-site servers. Less hardware, also means a lighter energy bill at the end of the month. Other costs pertaining to hiring and training specialized IT staff, along with licensing fees to update your software, are all diminished by using one go-to company for your data processes.

2. Periodical expenses

Managed IT services are usually charged on a monthly basis, but this may vary depending on the type of contract you choose. The amount paid doesn’t limit you in the quality of support or   number of issues that need resolving. A fixed monthly rate gives you peace-of-mind and  greater flexibility.

3. Scalability

By availing of managed IT services, experts can scale up or down in parallel to the growth of your company. If the business goes on a hiring spree, the IT provider will have the tools and experts to support that change.

An in-house IT team may quickly be overwhelmed with the added workload of having to get new members online. Conversely, if your company needs to downsize or eliminate certain programs, managed IT services are highly adaptable and can cater to the new paradigm.

What are the advantages to out-sourcing IT services?

1. Immediate problem-solving by experts

Any downtime caused by systems going offline disrupts productivity and costs your company money. With managed IT services, highly-trained experts will immediately address the problem. Their constant monitoring of the servers should avoid a great deal of any potential downtime.

2. Improved staff productivity

A direct consequence of little-to-no downtime is higher productivity at all levels within the company. Technology needs to function perfectly in order to enhance your organization’s processes. Unplanned network downtime is a massive disruptor, so it pays to avoid it as much as possible.

At Resitek, we take pride in providing our clients with some of the best IT services on the market today. Resitek offers a wide range of IT services, including managed cloud services, to help businesses thrive and distinguish themselves. Our managed IT offer includes unlimited phone support and unlimited on-site visits, along with monitoring and remote management of workstations and servers.

We respond instantly to calls or emails, so contact us to know more about the comprehensive services we can provide your company with.

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