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How much do managed IT services cost?

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how much do managed it services cost

You’re looking to outsource IT services and you’re wondering how much it will cost to do so? Hiring managed IT services presents numerous benefits, both in reaction times and overall efficiency. But most of all, it means reduced costs, because you don’t need to maintain a full-time IT team. So let’s find out the exact costs of a managed IT service.

What is included in managed IT services?

Before looking at the cost of this type of services, we need to understand what managed IT services mean. As a rule of thumb, it means that your company hires a third party company to monitor and manage your IT resources. They are supposed to guarantee complete network security, server and router management, and generally ensure the smooth running of all operations. Small to medium-size businesses tend to opt for these services due to a lack of resources to build a dedicated in-house team of IT professionals.

IT services can be fully-managed or partially managed

Even companies that have a small in-house team can benefit from a partially managed service. The IT service company will take care of specific tech needs, and can even support the IT team with other tasks. As for fully managed IT services, a service provider should firstly establish a company’s needs in terms of tech support. Thus, it is vital to speak to a knowledgeable professional backed by an IT services company with a long track record.

What factors have an influence on managed IT services cost?

Before setting a reasonable price, managed IT service providers often evaluate the complexity of your technology, so businesses with more complex tech infrastructure will tend to pay more. The providers also offer different management levels, which differ based on the price and services provided:

  • Basic Managed IT Services

The lowest cost service, these basic services generally cover monitoring the security of your servers and flag any issues.

  • Mid-Range Managed IT Services

The provider looks to resolve issues before they occur, as they go beyond basic monitoring: potential threats are identified through a system of IT planning, there are cloud backup systems, on-site support, and 24/7 support.

  • High-End Managed IT Services

Businesses that require cloud or full hosted systems may choose a more comprehensive service where the provider can set up an entire infrastructure.

Managed IT services pricing models

Once the type of services required have been determined, the provider may establish a pricing model, which will bear an influence on the final cost.

The Flat-Rate Pricing Model

With the flat-rate model, your IT costs don’t change if you up/downscale your services. This type of pricing model will usually include infrastructure system security, and workstation and server management.

The Per User Pricing Model

IT service providers base this model on the number of users they monitor and support. When employees use multiple devices, paying per user is a great way to make substantial savings. More often than not, it does not cover the cost of server maintenance, which would be charged separately.

The Per Device Pricing Model

Companies are charged for the maintenance of servers, desktops, laptops, or any other device. The service includes the constant optimization of devices, ensuring their continued performance. Another advantage with this model is a tighter control on expenses.

What Are The Estimated Prices for Managed IT Services?

The broad range means that you need to assess your specific business requirements to find a reasonable price.  Resitek managed IT services include monitoring and remote management, managed antivirus, ensuring the latest updates are installed, monitoring logs, integrating services to the cloud when required, new employee setups, password resets etc. The IT teams respond to requests quickly, with efficient troubleshooting of any issue that may arise.
Furthermore, the services offer unlimited phone support and unlimited on-site visits. Resitek brings you solutions that will ensure your networks, devices and servers are all properly and consistently managed. Contact us to determine your precise needs and establish an accurate quote accordingly.

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