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The difference between managed services and outsourcing

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difference between managed services and outsourcing

Would you like to organize the best way to meet your company’s IT needs? Here is a brief guide to the differences between IT outsourcing and managed services, and how your company can get the best out of either alternative.

Outsourcing and Managed IT Services: a distinction

The terms are frequently used interchangeably, yet their definitions warrant clarification, because they result in real-world consequences for companies and their operating budgets. Find out more about the difference between managed services and outsourcing.


The term “outsourcing” emerged in the 1980’s, whereby a company, in a bid to cut costs, will hire an external company or team to take over certain company services. These usually include IT outsourcing or a number of back-office activities, and even elements of a production process. Furthermore, when talking about outsourcing, faraway lands come to mind, with the Asian subcontinent being renowned for this type of service.

Managed Services

As for managed services, we will of course only mention those that touch upon IT services and tasks. Companies that provide this kind of service are called, aptly, Managed Service Providers (MSP). An MSP will remotely manage a customer’s IT requirements, with 24×7 monitoring and problem resolution of the IT systems. What an MSP brings is genuine expertise to companies that may not have the experience or staff to fully cover their IT needs.

Ascertaining your IT needs

Part of the offering brought by managed services providers is a promise to keep their eye on the ball, so to speak. In order to ensure a seamless, high-performing maintenance service, as well as for compliance, MSPs are required to be up-to-date.

In so doing, customers are certain to have the latest antivirus installed, top-of-the-line virtual server services, and platforms and devices will be bug-free. In general, their companies will have the tools to be the most responsive at all times.

How managed services keep you up to date?

Advancement in technology can be a labyrinth for those that are not attuned to it, so taking an MSP on board to take care of that facet of your operations could be a real plus. The flexibility that IT has brought to enterprises of every size has been accompanied by a new complexity that requires knowledge and skill to manage.

Real knowledge for a long-term ROI

While the outsourcing of IT services has been historically for cost reasons, it is not to say that managed services are a superfluous expense, far from it. For customers to benefit from IT resources to their fullest, a competent team needs to know how to handle this tech.

Your organisation should find excellent ROI in a secure and made-to-measure IT foundation. Usually, innovation is followed by growth, but is preceded by a solid base on which to build. This is where MSPs come into play.

A combination of outsourcing and managed services for your IT needs

Your organisation may need to find a balance for the management of its IT systems. Budget reasons tend to push companies towards outsourcing, but good harmony may be found in availing these services alongside the services of an MSP. Crucially, a trusted go-to partner holds real benefits for most companies, especially when having to address sensitive issues.

IT security is top of the list, and few managers would feel comfortable delegating such tasks to an unknown. By contacting a service provider managed by a qualified team, you can dissipate any doubts about their services and pricing.

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