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IT managed services best practices

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managed services best practices

Some of the managed IT best practices that MSP companies should consider are dictated, ultimately, by the needs of their clients. While our list is far from exhaustive, it includes measures to help build trust and reputation.

Best Practice #1: build up customer trust

The main reason for this being top of the list is that your MSP company’s reputation buoys its business and keeps it afloat in a competitive market. For IT managed service providers, such as Resitek, trust is first and foremost. Indeed, the access to private data is particularly sensitive. In order to gain a reputation of trustworthiness, your IT managed services company needs to build trust through a number of steps.

By offering advice, it enables IT managed service companies to become trusted advisors. Being honest and reliable will help construct a long-lasting business relationship. Furthermore, this approach will help you figure out the real requirements of the client without being overly zealous to pick up their business. Once trust is established, you can more freely discuss the possibility of expanding your services.

Best Practice #2: pick clients that are best for you

IT managed service providers when starting out, take on as much work as they can. However, as you garner experience, you can become more selective about your clients. Your ideal customer may be determined by your specific areas of expertise. If you find that a current client is not suited to your company, consider putting an end to the contract.

As we will see later, there are areas of expertise that managed service providers may specialize in, and you may wish to reorient your clients towards other companies that are better suited to their needs.

Best Practice #3: set up standardized technology offerings

Another managed IT best practice is standardization, which will allow your MSP company to develop its expertise while minimizing the efforts to deploy them. Managed IT services in Montreal  to ensure that potential and current customers understand the options available to them. It should be detailed enough to make clear each service offer, without getting bogged down in technical language. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to detail how your managed IT services differ from competitors.

Best Practice #4: managed services streamlined processes

Developing repeatable service and sales processes will be crucial for MSP companies looking to grow their business. Keeping a trackable data record related to each client will make processes such as billing for services more accurate and expedited. Availing of a unified management platform will ensure you handle larger amounts of clients, and streamlining will avoid your company staff a lot of issues.

Best Practice #5: price your services based on profit

After performing a profit and loss analysis of your services, setting up a pricing structure will ensure the margins you want. This is essential in order to keep delivering quality services to clients over the long run. Many IT managed service providers work on a price per user or per device basis; other companies prefer to use a fixed price model.

Depending on your clear cut data, your company can choose either, or even charge clients with a hybrid of the two. Finally, do not be afraid to charge what is right; many companies, in trying to attract business, charge too little and end up failing.

Best Practice #6: establish your area of expertise

This ties in with our best practice #2 for managed service providers, it is vital to know precisely what their business does, the services in which they specialize. An effective way to differentiate MSP business value is by specializing in a specific area. Companies that start up run the risk of spreading themselves too thinly, resulting in mediocre services to the customer.

By focusing on specific areas of expertise, you can hope to differentiate yourself from the competition and become a reference in your field. Over time, serving clients with similar requirements will reinforce the skills and consolidate the reputation of managed services companies.

Best Practice #7: Stay up to date

Information, it has often been said, is invaluable. Proving to your clients that you are up-to-date is priceless. The market is ever-evolving and clients’ requirements are constantly changing. You may wish to learn from industry experts, on a wide variety of topics such as management, HR, marketing, and new technologies.

Additionally, there are many organizations that provide IT managed services companies and analogous businesses with certifying training courses. Staying on top of new trends and technologies through training is excellent, but day-to-day it can be provided by industry newsletters and specialized articles.

How do you become a successful MSP?

Here are the top 7 of managed IT best practices. In conclusion, be choosy, become specialized, and be smart about who you work with. Play on your strengths and build on them to achieve success in your area; when you deliver a highly specialized service, you can justify the charging of higher prices from, ultimately, highly satisfied customers.

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