Managed Antivirus Services for your Business

Are you concerned about the prevalence of ransomware attacks and looking to improve the cybersecurity standards of your organization? If this is the case, Resitek’s managed antivirus services has everything you need.

Our solutions provide a cost-effective approach to unknown threat detection and handling for both small and medium-sized businesses.

What Managed Antivirus Services Can Do For Your Organization

Since 2003, Resitek has been assisting organizations in the Montreal metropolitan area. During that time, our employees have developed unrivaled expertise in a variety of IT support and service fields.

In times of ransomware and cybercrime, antivirus software isn’t merely a perk; it’s a true business necessity. Managed antivirus services offer several advantages over their unmanaged counterparts. These advantages mainly fall into one of two categories:

  • Security advantages
  • Economical advantages
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Security Advantages

The most important advantage of using managed antivirus services in your organization is increased security. An unmanaged antivirus solution requires an IT staffer to manually keep every device up to date.

They must also conduct regular scans to ensure that there are no security gaps. However, with dozens or hundreds of devices, it can be an impossible task. At any given time, most organizations have a large number of temporarily unprotected devices that are vulnerable to malicious software.

A managed antivirus solution, on the other hand, enables businesses to focus their manpower and resources on increasing productivity and revenue. Remote monitoring and cloud-based anti-malware and virus protection help update and scan every device in your organization’s network.

As a result, your operational efficiency will not be jeopardized whenever someone forgets to update their antivirus. Moreover, your company will not have to halt production or rush to secure sensitive data due to frequent breaches.

Improved security means improved operational efficiency. It also enables businesses to protect their brand from the PR poison and liability nightmare that data breaches bring. The less your organizational security is susceptible to human error, the more stable your operation will be.

Economic advantages

Managed antivirus services provide organizations with more than just security. After all, the bottom line is the most important aspect of any business. In terms of budget, managed solutions are far more cost-effective for SMEs than unmanaged ones.

The problem with unmanaged platforms is that they require a significant (and often specialized) trained workforce. It takes time to become familiar with all the devices in a company. Those are costly man-hours that quickly build up.

By using this antivirus solution, your organization benefits from economies of scale. Resitek has a skilled team ready to manage your antivirus services around the clock. This enables you to redirect your resources to areas where they can add value.

Furthermore, the increased security provided by a managed solution means less downtime each month due to viruses or breaches. The reduced amount of downtime equals higher productivity, happier customers, and more revenue.

Outsourced Managed Antivirus Services and Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is no longer considered separate from overall security. With digital assets being critical to the majority of organizational goals and operations, lax cybersecurity can be extremely costly. Managed AV solutions from Resitek keep your first line of defense relevant and effective.

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