Office 365 Managed Services

Office 365 managed services providers are the strongest allies of modern businesses. Resitek offers high-quality IT solutions that are accessible, fast, and, most importantly, reliable.

When these values are at the core of every striving business, cloud-managed services allow companies to stay ahead of the competition. Outsourcing also allows organizations to run smoothly whenever a problem arises. This grants your various teams the chance to focus their work where they have the most impact and help you reach your objectives faster.

Our mission at Resitek is to help businesses focus solely on their growth by deploying and managing Microsoft Office 365 in your business. Then, our certified technicians will handle your systems remotely and fix any issues rapidly to ensure the continuity of your operations at all times.

What are the common Office 365 Issues?

Managed IT services are a huge advantage for any modern company, but they still require a certain level of skill to use. With our Office 365 managed services, you can rely on our technical team to help your business avoid the following problems:

  • Downtime in connection and critical technology issues
  • Repairs and costly maintenance with remote service provisioning
  • High development risks with the implementation of the right cloud infrastructure for your business
  • Wait times when opening a request thanks to rapid technical support
  • Hackers and data leaks with advanced security with rights management & data loss prevention

Why does Microsoft 365 Need to Be Managed?

Office 365 managed services are collaboration tools that grant ever-improving experiences to both businesses and customers. Those centralized tools make for better administrative management and, when driven by experts, can really bring a business to the next level. 

But why should you outsource your managed IT services, exactly?

office 365 service management


Deploying and implementing Office 365 is a complex operation that requires good knowledge of cloud services. Our team has collaborated with various businesses since 2003 and developed custom solutions tailored to our clients’ budget and needs.


Hackers take a lot of information from small and mid-sized businesses that make the mistake of not investing in cybersecurity. With our managed services, you can protect your clients’ mailing lists and personal information as well as your business data.


When you think about ROI for managed services, you have to think about the positive impact, such as improved productivity, decrease in downtime, and improved cybersecurity. Streamlined operations prevent downtime, which is the biggest money-sucking problem of any modern business using technologies. Security threats are a close second, which can also be contained with the right managed security solution.

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Components of Office 365 Managed Services

Discover the various benefits of managing Office 365:

Support for Authorized Users

Every authorized user can make a request directly from the app and receive quick and professional technical support in case of software issues.


Our technical team understands that every business is different, so we take the time to learn more about you, what you do and how you do it. Then, once our assessment is done, we work on your personalized plan.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Downtime is expensive for any modern business. Our specialists can manage your IT services to ensure that all apps are available at all times, thus increasing your business efficiency. With our careful monitoring, we can also prevent expensive upgrades or server replacements.


Once we’ve implemented your personalized Office 365 management plan, we use your feedback constantly to keep improving our computing solutions. We won’t stop until we achieve perfection.

Invest in Office 365 Managed Services: The Benefits

Whether you’re a small or mid-sized business owner, managed services offer a lot of benefits.


Each authorized member and your various teams have access to company resources quickly through the cloud.


Because Office 365 are centralized tools, communication between your various teams is improved, which improves productivity.

Support Efficiency

Have a software issue? Opening up a request is simple, and you’ll see it resolved in no time with our remote service provisioning and optimal resources utilization.

Compliance and Critical Updates

If your system needs an update, our certified technicians will manage it for you.

Solid Security

With encryption, authorized users, and many other security tools, your company’s confidential data and the personal information of your customers are protected.

Resitek as your office 365 managed services provider

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