Virtual server services

As opposed to physical hardware servers, a virtual server runs on top of a physical server, as a virtual instance, along with potentially several other virtual servers all sharing the same physical hardware. When you choose a highly experienced virtual cloud service provider like Resitek, you will be able to access your applications faster, minimize server downtime, streamline data centre management, and increase your IT department’s productivity and responsiveness.

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What is the purpose of a virtual server?

Remote accessibility

Since virtual servers are not tied to a physical server’s location, they are the ideal solution for dispersed or remote teams that need secure access to your core business data from anywhere in the world.

Web hosting

Virtual server hosting is a model that puts your site on a shared server that also runs other domains. If you go this route, your site will have its own allotted resources, allowing it to operate just as smoothly as it would on a dedicated server, but for less money (since you’re sharing the hosting costs with others).

Software development

Want to test out software or applications that are currently in development? A virtual server will allow you to create, run, and beta test without monopolizing an entire dedicated server, maximizing your productivity and leaving enough power for other users.

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What are the advantages of virtual server services?

The main advantage of server virtualization is financial, an uptime guarantee: by splitting the cost of running and maintaining a shared server, you can cut down on expenses like hardware, software, cooling, energy consumption, and administrative workload, as well as the costs associated with maintaining a larger data centre. Given the growing popularity of “green” IT, going virtual also means reducing your environmental footprint.

Additionally, an important factor is cutting down on the number of private servers on your premises, you can free up storage space. Finally, by creating independent user environments, virtual servers allow software and app testing to occur without taking bandwidth away from other users or devices.

Are virtual servers cost-efficient?

Cost efficiency is one of the main benefits of using a cloud VPS service provider. Since virtual server services pool resources between a number of different users, they are the key to efficient resource control and lower operational expenses and improve your customer service: splitting server costs between different stakeholders is much less costly than purchasing and maintaining your own hardware and software.

Migrating to virtual servers: our offering

Switching from dedicated to VPS is a major step in any company’s digital transformation, and our services are tailored to accomplish just that. Resitek’s tech support team has the skills, expertise, and know-how to execute your virtual server migration quickly, efficiently, and securely. If you would like to learn more about how we can help, reach out to book an appointment with an expert – your first consultation is on us!

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